The FastForward Program

Six-Week Program for Executives Transitioning into New Roles

With Executive Coach Patricia Wheeler

Are you a leader who is new to your role?  Moved into a new organization or into a position with different and broader responsibilities?  Are you already in the succession pipeline for a role change? 

Many of you know about the work on Senior Executive Transitions that Patricia has been involved with through the collaboration between Alexcel and the Institute of Executive Development, which has been cited in Forbes, Harvard Business Online and Talent Management.   We’ve been excited to help senior leaders move successfully into new roles and avoid the 1-in-5 to 1-in-3 chance of failure that can happen within two years of taking that new role.

For the first time we are offering a course positioned for leaders transitioning into new senior roles to address the following challenges:

  • What are the factors that lead to senior leader underperformance in new roles?
  • What skills must you adopt and build to accelerate your success?
  • How can you gain and maintain traction in a different culture and/or team?
  • What must you communicate to your new team to move them forward most effectively?
  • How can you quickly build effective relationships with new stakeholder groups?
  • What must you do to continue sustaining your success over time?

This class will be conducted by telephone, and a recorded version will be available for leaders who have scheduling difficulties.

The FastForward Program will cover the following points:

  1. How to assess your organization and your new position
  2. The power of perception: Self-knowledge that produces quick traction
  3. Stakeholder mapping: practices that drive transition success
  4. Forming strategic partnerships across the organization
  5. Action planning: creating sustainable change and peak performance

Who should attend?

Executives promoted within their organization
Executives entering new organizations
Leaders taking on bigger/more global roles
Leaders in the pipeline for promotion
Leaders in organizations in the midst of rapid change and turnover