Success in New Roles

Our years of working with senior leaders moving to new roles and our research on executive transitions, co-sponsored by Alexcel and the Institute of Executive Development, cited in Forbes, Business Week and Leadership Excellence, helps us identify the key leverage points that help leaders successfully take on and excel at meeting new challenges.  We've continued to study this crucial issue, and we have our newest results available for you.

We work with leaders around the world who are new to their roles, in new organizations or in positions with different, broader, often more global responsibilities, to help them anticipate and meet new challenges. We customize engagements to your business needs, and always measure our results. We work with individual leaders and with groups of leaders who are facing new challenges. Our results-based process and proprietary tools assist leaders in making a smooth transition into leading new teams and efficiently building enterprise-wide traction.

It’s clear: the ability to coach others effectively leads to better performance. We teach executives a practical, replicable coaching process, which enables them to be much better coaches for their people, resulting in a more engaged and energized workforce. Knowing that time is their most valuable commodity, our process is focused, relevant, and powerful.  

 We invite you to read our NEW survey results (registration required) and the Business Week article (PDF) on our work with senior leaders transitioning into new roles.