Your business is good; it can be even better.

In an increasingly complex environment, developing mission-critical leaders and teams who can successfully execute new business strategies is an absolutely critical factor for success.  For this reason, it is essential to accelerate executive and team development in a manner that is completely aligned with your strategy and focused upon the critical priorities of your organization.

Experience Matters

Levin Group consultants possess deep knowledge of how people make and maintain meaningful change. In addition to deep and extensive business knowledge and a twenty-year track record of success, we design and customize specific approaches that work for your people, within your organization, at this stage of your business challenges.

Clients come to us for unique solutions when they have a significant leadership or team issue and where our trusted relationships can be confidently and confidentially utilized for their benefit.

Our Approach

At the Levin Group, our belief that “experience matters” compels us to only utilize coaches and consultants that deeply understand the business context organizational dynamics, and the complex relationships that exist in smart companies.

As leadership advisors and executive coaches who have worked in large consulting firms and at the top levels of industry, we understand the pressures and opportunities facing most organizations today.  We bring the best practices of a large firm to our clients without the arrogance or prohibitive costs of traditional consulting.

When allowing a consulting firm “in,” clients want to know that they can trust the experience, commitment, and demonstrated history of the consultant or coach. They want a trusted advisor who treats each engagement with respect and focus – and can produce results.

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Experience Matters ... Results Matter