Senior Team Alignment of Large Federal Research Center


Business Challenges:

  • New Director in Place at odds with Existing Team
  • Strong Need to Align Programs, Centers, and Culture
  • Re-Center Organizational Mission, Leadership Behaviors and Critical Priorities


  • Began with interviews of Top 40 Leaders/Managers of the Agency
  • Debriefed Director/Gained Sponsorship of 1-Year Alignment Contract
  • Initial 3-Day “Advance” with Top Team of 40 to:
    • Present interview data
    • Agree on Top 5 Critical Priorities
    • Created working teams to address each priority
  • Facilitated each Working Team through 9-month process
  • Created sustainability process to continue and deepen work post-contract

Business Outcomes:

  • Aligned and compelling story producing increased funding
  • Eight centers agreed on governance structure and common goals
  • Organization has demonstrated increased capacity for world-class research and response to worldwide health challenges
  • Organization continues to demonstrate greater agility in decision-making and responsiveness


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