Has the phrase "change" itself become another management cliche? Has the nature of change somehow ...changed?

Implementing Change

The sudden, intense, global economic shifts beginning in 2008 impacted virtually every individual and every company across the world. Speed of change, global inter-connectedness and interdependence continues to accelerate. We’ve seen leaders forced to imagine change that would have never been possible or imaginable in their reign; leaders who are often challenged to fundamentally rethink the very nature of companies they have created, worked at, or led for years. Top Teams see the opportunities inherent in change and adjust their strategies accordingly

In today’s world, frequent waves of change, high volatility and complexity, significant paradox and ambiguity, creates a whitewater experience. And this experience creates huge paradigm shifts in executives and employees alike as the very ground underneath them feels shaky. How do we deal with the Now and the New? What is the “New Normal?” Does the New Normal somehow represent continuous, complex, ambiguous and uncertain change – a river that is truly never the same?

Experience Matters…Results Matter

The Levin Group has 20 years of experience helping organizations navigate complex change. Whether driven by M&A, rapid growth, economic shifts, or the uncertain and volatile nature of business, our work with leaders and their teams is designed to increase predictability and allow execution in the new normal to happen more successfully at greater speed.