Global Reach

It is no longer enough to be a good US-centric consulting firm as virtually every industry is now interconnected within the global economy. Understanding culture and how business gets done in different parts of the world matters. And being able to show up with country experience and work in different languages is more important than ever.

The Levin Group consults with a wide variety of clients on a global basis ranging from industries such as manufacturing, health sciences, communication, consumer products, and financial institutions. We have literally worked from boardroom to shop floor and from supply chain through sales and marketing. In our work with executive teams, we design and implement strategic change initiatives, build alignment among leadership teams, facilitate major off-site planning retreats and provide the coaching and training to grow existing and evolving leaders.

Where in the World Are Our Clients?

The Levin Group has worked with leaders on six continents in over 40 countries using our global alliance of experienced partners.  The teams and leaders with whom we have worked are indicated by the orange dots on the map above.

Experience Matters…Understanding the World Matters