Architecture / Engineering / Construction

We are a premier consulting group to Architectural, Engineering, and Construction companies. We understand the issues that senior executives face in retaining and recruiting the best people, creating remarkable teamwork within the organization, managing complex projects, and dealing with a wide variety of alliances, joint ventures, and project teams in ever-changing economies.  We have developed the Strategic Project Planning Process (SP3) — the most effective process to date in ensuring that complex projects meet critical results and milestones while achieving both individual firm and overall project goals. This represents the next evolution in our 15 years of doing complex project "partnering" and carries with it an extraordinary track record of success. Our work has enabled owners, GCs and design firms to win the Marvin Black award, the Motorola Build America award and other prestigious acknowledgments on numerous occasions.

"Larry Levin has exceeded every expectation I personally had concerning his ability to lead us through our efforts at RBI to develop and put into place strategic management.

"He has been able to bring our entire senior management group to a common understanding and unity that has enabled us, for the first time in our 37 year history, to define our vision and clarify our mission. I think that says it all about Dr. Levin's leadership."

Patricia Rodgers

"Dr. Levin has worked with us in every aspect of our business for the past 12 years in which we grew from a $150MM to a Fortune 500 / ENR Top 50 firm. His work with our senior team has been invaluable in planning for growth: setting our strategy, designing our current structure, and helping us form the teams that run this company.

"He has really helped us communicate as an Executive Team to deal with the tough issues that we must address and resolve to be one of the leaders in our industry.

"We think of Larry as a valued partner for our company."

Earl Shell
Former Chairman and CEO
Hardin Construction Group

"I would like to take this opportunity to commend you for the extraordinary service you are providing to Project Control. For some twelve years now, you and your firm have been facilitating partnering and the Collaborative Design and Construction process on our projects. As an independent project management firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, we represent corporate owners across the United States by managing all aspects of the design and construction of their corporate headquarters and related projects.

Thanks to your efforts, three of these projects have been nationally recognized by the Associated General Contractors of America with the Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Award for large commercial projects. To my knowledge, Project Control and USAA are the only firms to ever have received this award three times.

Larry, I think there are several things that set you apart from other firms that we have utilized in the past. First of all, you have a keen sense of business and knowledge of how all types of industries operate. You handle group dynamics well, and are capable of adjusting your intervention to fit the interests of the group. Your work is always informative, well planned and promotes lively interaction among the participants. Quite frankly, we know of no other teams in the construction industry that are achieving the results that we have obtained under your tutelage.

Most important, we can quantify the impact that you have had on our projects: on a 500,000 s.f. corporate headquarters complex in Tampa, Florida, we documented a savings of over $2 million in rework thanks to the planning implemented during our partnering sessions.

Thanks, in part, to your leadership on this last project, we anticipate returning almost $10 million to the owner that instead of being spent on redesign or rework can now be incorporated into betterments for the project."

Robert J. Crittenden
Project Control